I must admit that the first time I ever saw the Ad for this contraption I laughed out loud!
Unfortunately I was drinking a glass of water at the time and the resulting geyser was quite the slap-
stick moment. As I wiped the water spillage from my shirt I decided to give the infomercial a chance
to convince me. 10 minutes later, it hadn’t. I’m sorry but this thing will NOT work. Why?

1. The weight is TOO LIGHT! Seriously the thing is 2.5 pounds (about a kilo)! My 1 year old can
curl more than that. Probably (I’ll have to test her when I get home).
2. Claims that they are 300 times more effective than traditional dumbbells are
unsubstantiated and completely ludicrous! The Ads say that they cause the muscles to
contract 240 times a minute. Possible I guess but you can sit there without any weight and
contract your muscles repeatedly without any aiding device.

Are there any pros? Well I guess any exercise is better than nothing. If all you’re doing is sitting on
the couch all day in your Snuggie blanket then this will at least activate your arms a little more than
reaching for the TV remote.

Okay, it’s obvious from my blog that I’m a fan of ‘real steel’ work-outs and usually without hesistation, I’ll remain sceptical to every new ‘fitness fad’ product that comes out until it’s absolutely proven over time to work, so here’s a vid from the guys at exercise.com who tried and reviewed the product with a more diplomatic approach.