Most of us have heard of diets such as ‘Atkins’, ‘South-Beach’ and ‘Grapefruit’. Such diets can initiate weight-loss but unlike a sensible eating plan, are extremely hard to maintain as a life-long habit and even if you could, would in the long-term lead your body down an ultimately unhealthy road. Today I’m touching on some of what I believe are the worlds weirdest diets. 

The Cabbage soup diet: It is a diet self-explained by the title. Mm, here comes the flatulence! Have you heard of the tapeworm diet? Swallow a cyst that’s been dissected out of a cow carcass and allow the worm to live in your body for a few weeks before killing it off. “Parasite burger anyone?”  Or how about the ‘Chocolate Diet’? As tasty as this seems, I’m sure it will eventually become a case of death by chocolate. Though maybe that’s not such a bad thing!

If nothing so far takes your fancy how about the ‘Hallelujah Diet’, the ‘Russian 
Air-force Diet’, or the ‘Hot-dog diet’?
Good nutrition is the number 1 key to healthy weight-loss. Diet is estimated by many experts to contribute approximately 80% of weight-loss or weight gain. So if the larger percentage of weight-loss is attributed to eating, than what and how, if not the above-mentioned diets is the best way to consume food? It’s not as hard as you think, and there is a lot of advice I could give but in simplicity follow these three rules:

1.    Eat and drink as naturally as possible i.e. STOP CONSUMING JUNK FOOD!
2.    Only eat until you’re 80% full. The inhabitants of Okinawa, the longest living people on earth, swear by this rule. You know Okinawa, from Karate Kid II!
3.    Stop eating carb-loaded stuff a couple of hours before you sleep. 
4.    Make sure the carbs you do eat are fibre-rich. You’ll feel fuller and you’ll poo easier! You heard me!

I’m sure there are some who would have a different view as to what constitutes a healthy diet (especially those wanting to profiteer!) but what I know comes largely from personal experience. Eating well helped me to lose 20 kilos! It helped my wife lose 30 (which is about 70 pounds for you Americans)!