Have you ever purchased a gym membership full of excitement and plans to transform yourself in to a lean mean machine only to find yourself back on the couch after only a few visits? You are a Ghost Member! Every gym is full of ghosts! In fact, there are more ghosts than active members in nearly every gym on the planet. 

Like a fire, in order to keep your enthusiasm burning, it needs to be stoked. Here are some of the reasons people leave their fitness goals by the wayside and how they can be picked up again and reinvigorated.

Commitment: Exercise takes commitment. If you do it right it will become an enjoyable habit and the commitment will become easier. Forming the habit is the hardest part however because it can take a few weeks. One of the best ways to form a habit is to stick to a schedule. Having a regular time for exercising can really help you to keep your commitment to ‘shape up’.

Pain: If you’re a beginner or if you’ve been on a long hiatus the initial workouts can bring with it quite a lot of soreness. Minimize soreness by warming up before you work out and with some stretches post-workout. A warm shower after a workout can also help. Ensure that you rest the muscle groups that you have worked at least a couple of days. 

Too Much Too Soon: If you burst through the gates like a horse on heat you may find that you run out of steam early or worse, do yourself a major injury. Take it easy if you’re a novice and slowly build up your program and consequent efforts.

Unrealistic Expectations: Don’t expect to take your clothes of in front of the mirror a week after starting a program and find yourself staring at a Greek god or goddess. Getting results can take time. Be patient and remember that good health should be your primary goal.

So, in summary: Get off your bum!