One of the main reasons we crave sugar is because of low adrenal function.
So then what are the adrenals and where are they?

The adrenals are hormone glands that sit above the kidneys.

What do they do?

•    One of the jobs of the adrenals is to release epinephrine, or as you may know it, adrenaline. This is an energy provider.
•    Also, adrenals release cortisone when inflammation is present in the body. It’s basically an illness fighter.
•    In females, the Adrenals also take the place of the ovaries in producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone when a woman gets close to menopause.

So then, what can stuff up the functioning of the adrenals?

Primarily? STRESS!

Think about the last time you felt ‘adrenalised’. Okay, I just got a ‘spell check’ red line under adrenalised so I guess it’s not a real word but you know what I’m asking. I venture to bet that it was time when you felt in danger, confronted, rushed, angered etc.

Some stress is fleeting and as such so is the adrenaline. This is acute stress.

What happens though when we allow chronic stress into our lives?

What happens when we are constantly worried about what the neighbours are thinking about the crying baby? Or when we worry about our mortgages, food on the table, our smoke-coughing vehicle or any other number of modern-day worries?

What happens is that our adrenals are worked overtime and as such get run down and can’t function properly.

So then how does diet affect the adrenals?

While inflammation can be caused by a number of factors including injury and diseases, the truth is that food allergies also cause inflammation. Most of us who live a high carb, high dairy lifestyle can have low-grade inflammation happening constantly from allergies or intolerances that we didn’t even realise we had. We’ve gotten so used to eating bad diets that we’ve forgotten what a really wholesome body should feel like. Think about it, should your body really require that sugar or caffeine ‘kick’? No way. What’s happening is that the adrenals are working so hard to produce cortisone to fight inflammation that it’s under constant and immense strain.

Add the fact that they’re also trying to produce estrogen and progesterone and this poor gland really has its work cut out!

So, when we have our poor adrenals busting their guts to produce adrenaline and cortisone unnecessarily, what happens? What are the signs of adrenal fatigue?

•    You have a lack of energy and a constant feeling of fatigue. Nana naps anyone?
•    You have strong cravings for sugar and/or caffeine because the adrenals aren’t giving you the energy boost you need to get through the day. Have you noticed how popular energy drinks have become?
•    You are having a rough menopause

So what is the answer?

Give your adrenals a break. That does not mean give them a Kit Kat. Stress less and stop eating a high-carb, high-dairy diet and instead get stuck into some good protein, good fats and lots of green leafy veges. Our bodies were not meant to eat junk or to stress-out for lengthy periods of time.

Do this and you will find more energy and a greater ability to lose fat!