Are you feeling sluggish and run-down? Perhaps you had a big day at the workplace, running after kids or fighting alien invaders intent on taking over the earth and enslaving mankind. If so that’s ok. Go to bed.

However, if you’re feeling tired before you’ve even had your mid-morning donut (tsk-tsk), here are a few suggestions to boost your energy.

If you don't eat much meat or any meat at all you may be feeling run-down because you're not getting enough iron, which can cause anaemia. Some symptoms include:

•    Fatigue
•    Weakness
•    Problems with memory and thinking
•    Feeling cold
•    Red, inflamed tongue

Basically, you’re not getting enough oxygen distributed to all the cells in your body.

Iron from meat (which is called heme iron), is easily absorbed however only 2 to 20% of the non-heme iron found in vegetables, beans, and eggs makes it into your bloodstream. 

So besides eating meat, how can you make the iron you consume more soluble? Have some Vitamin C with your meal. For example team-up your breakfast eggs with an orange or a kiwifruit or if there’s no fruit in the cupboard, a vitamin C tablet. The non-heme iron will become 6 times more soluble! This means that your body can now use 100% of the non-heme iron you eat.

Another tip for Vitamin ‘C-ing’ up your meals and ensuring that that iron gets a ride to where it’s needed, is to chop some Vitamin C rich broccoli in to your omelette, salad etc.

Keep the cooking to a minimum (or at low temperatures) as Vitamin C is easily destroyed by light, heat, and air. It is also a good idea to cut your fruit and veges (particularly if you’re going to cook them) in to large chunks as they will hold on to their properties better and are less likely to overcook.

Okay, give that a go. I’ll post a ‘Part 2’ Blog soon discussing other ways to combat fatigue.

For now enjoy watching this video of "true fatigue"