In a ‘Choice’ (the self-proclaimed ‘people’s watchdog’) comparison of 159 muesli products, their results came to the conclusion that many mueslis were not as healthy as they claimed to be. The results were reported as a story on Australian current affairs show ‘Today Tonight’.

This is not really news for anyone in the Health and Wellbeing industry but here was the perfect chance for Choice and Today Tonight to finally kick in the crotch the old school mentality of ‘fat free = healthy’. Here was the chance for a prime-time show to speak up about sugar and its role as a leading contributor to many health issues worldwide including of course obesity and heart disease.

A lot of muesli contains quite a bit of sugar. These are usually the highly processed cereals. So then the focus should have been on specific brands high in sugar right?

It wasn’t. The focus instead was on fat content! Seriously. Now in case you’re unaware, which you’d be forgiven for considering the contribution of quasi-news programs like Today Tonight, FAT is NOT the ENEMY! I guess Choice and TT haven’t yet been made aware of that fact though considering what they decided to compare muesli to. In case you didn’t see the show this may come as a surprise but the product that they decided to compare muesli to, indicating that it was a healthier option because of it’s lower fat percentage was… A Quarter Pounder from MacDonalds! Yes! A Quarter Pounder hamburger!

To add insult to intelligence it wasn’t even comparing grams per serving! Instead it was using percentages. A typical serve of muesli is 50gms and QP - 305gms!  So if a QP is 20% fat and a particular brand of muesli is let’s say 50% fat, you’ll still get only a 1/3 of the fat that you get from the burger.

Now, as I said before, many mueslis are rubbish but that has more to do with their sugar content NOT their fat content. If a muesli is high in fat, the chances are it will be lower in sugar because it’s obviously stacked with other things like nuts and seeds.

Let’s take one of the muesli’s that was vilified by Choice and Today Tonight as an example: It’s a muesli quite aptly named ‘The Muesli’. It is made up of 5 different types of nuts, 4 different types of seeds, oats and coconut. It was reported as being amongst the unhealthiest mueslis because of its high fat content! This flabbergasts me! Never mind the fact that it is 97% SUGAR FREE! This muesli is an awesome choice for a healthy breakfast.

We’ve been brainwashed by the anti-fat brigade for too long! Be careful of any cereal you decide to consume but not because of it’s fat content. Look out for that sugar! I honestly believe that if we all got off our sugar reliance, the obesity rate would plummet and we’d find a tremendous drop in doctor and hospital visits. You can quote me on that!