There are wonderful childhood memories to be had in savouring the odd treat. I still remember my weekly walk to the corner store back in New Zealand with my nana where she would buy me a Jelly Tip ice-cream. 
Recently I witnessed a father buying for his daughter a cream filled, iced donut thingy that was twice as big as her hand. “Perhaps it was a once in a blue moon treat,” I hear you say. This was part of the conversation that I overheard, “the pink one? But you had the pink one yesterday.” My heart breaks when I witness this form of (unwitting as it may be) child abuse. I know that no worthy parent would feed their child up on junk food with the intention of inflicting harm on them but that is exactly what is being done.

If we don’t take serious measures now, by the year 2020, 80% of all Australian adults and a third of all children will be overweight or obese!
One of the primary causes is the intake of high-energy foods outweighing the level of physical output. The amount of sugar filled and fatty foods that we consume are steadily increasing, while the amount of aerobic exercise that we get is steadily decreasing.

The health industry’s concern over obesity is not merely for vanities sake. One study estimates that for every 1% increase in the proportion of active people, nearly 122 lives can be saved! Obesity is a killer and it is costing Australia around 11 billion a year!

Let us all think twice before loading our kids up on junk. Parents WE are in charge. WE determine what goes in to our children’s bodies. I know that some children are fussy eaters but tastes can be developed and tastes can be altered. 

Oh yeah, and be the example!