“I don’t have time to work out!”

Rubbish I say! Every one has at least 10 minutes and sometimes that’s all you need. If you can afford ½ an hour, that’s even better.

How can I burn the jelly in only a few minutes you ask? Easy! Well, maybe not easy but easily explained. It’s called Interval Training. It’s been around for ages and has proven itself (unlike those ab-thingamajigs on the infomercials). There are a number of variations but put simply it goes like this ‘Work Easy and Work Hard’. Repeat this for as long as you have available and/or depending on your level of fitness. It allows you to send your heart rate in to its optimum fat burning zone for a good period of time.

Here’s an example of how you can go about this: Find an empty car park and position yourself on one of the lines. If the car park is say, 50 metres long, and you can sprint that far then use the whole distance, otherwise choose a more suitable distance. Jog to your chosen distance, turn around, and sprint back to the start. Continue to repeat this to time. You could also after the first sprint, incrementally shorten the distance by a car space at a time thereby shortening your runs but also shortening your rest times.

You can implement interval training on any cardio activity. Try it on the bike, cross-trainer, grinder, boxing bags, rower etc. 

If you enjoy hitting the pavement try the power pole routine. Jog or walk to the first power pole before sprinting to the next and so on.

If you are a serious trainer and would like to learn more about what specific version of interval training can assist your needs do a quick Google search on the subject and learn more. You’ll find variants such as Aerobic Interval Training, Maximal High-Intensity Intervals and Fartlek Training (okay you immature minds, stop sniggering over the name, it’s actually a killer workout!) FARTlek! Haha, that’s funny.

Whatever your goals, interval training is definitely something to seriously consider placing in to your exercise routine.

For some more info on Interval Training, check out this vid by Jim Stoppani.